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Hyatt Lead Host - Culinary厨房主管(西厨) in CHANGSHA, China


  • 确保实施公司的所有品牌标准。

Ensures that all company brand standards have been implemented.

  • 关注酒店的成功和客人的满意,以支持和灵活的方式与其他管理人员合作。

Work closely with other associates in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests.

  • 尽量使用当地的新鲜原材料。保证菜单的精而清,勤换菜单为客人提供更多变的选择。

Buys locally available fresh products wherever possible and changed menu frequently to ensure the guest is always offered a variety of food items.

  • 参与计划菜单的编写;尽量使用多余的原材料防止浪费;估计客人的数量;预测市场情况;


Plans or participates in planning menus and utilisation of food surpluses and leftovers, taking into account the number of guests, market conditions, popularity of various dishes and frequency of menu updated.

  • 多在厨房里协调员工和客人/员工和其他部门同事的关系,同时协助部门总监培训下属员工。

Spends time in culinary areas observing associate-guest/associate-internal customer interaction, working through Heads of Department to coach associates as necessary.

  • 审查菜单和分析菜谱,决定所需原材料,劳动力,成本和菜肴的价格。

Reviews menus, analyses recipes, determines food, labour, costs of menu items.

  • 指导员工依照菜谱烹制菜肴,控制菜肴的质量和原材料的使用量。

Directs staff to comply with cooking process and the usage of recipes.

  • 调查原材料的市场价格。

Conduct market price survey of recipes regularly.

  • 菜肴即卖即做保证为客人提供最新鲜的食物,这是我们每个餐厅都应该遵循的原则。

Serves fresh food to the guests which is prepared living cooking, and consistent in quality that reflects the style of the outlet concept.

  • 监督厨房的工作,为客人提供新鲜的菜肴同时控制原材料的浪费现象。

Oversee the culinary workflow and provide our guest fresh dishes while minimize the food cost.

  • 监督食品的准备和烹饪过程,配料的使用量和菜肴的卖相保证烹制完成的菜肴符合标准。

Observes process of food preparation, garnishing of foods and to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.

  • 上菜前要试菜。

Tests cooked foods before plate-up go guest.

  • 估计原材料的需要量。

Estimates the consumption of raw and processed food materials.

  • 对菜肴进行创新,对菜谱进行改良。

Innovate in dishes and recipes.

  • 保证厨房菜肴的营养价值和卫生。

To ensure the food quality and hygiene standard of kitchen.

  • 充分落实餐饮部经典20条。

Assists in making sure that all Food and Beverage Top 20 are implemented.

  • 积极响应客人的合理建议,并尽快改善。

Responsive to the feedback from the Consumer and make changes as appropriate.


  • 对酒店行业工作饱含热情Enthusiastic to Hospitality

  • 对工作负责,有担当Responsible and Accountable

  • 1年以上同等职位工作经验 More than 1 year experience at the same position

Primary Location: CN-43-Changsha

Organization: Hyatt Place Changsha Meixihu

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Culinary

Req ID: CHA003424

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.