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Hyatt IS Officer in HEFEI, China


 确保资讯系统部所有文具和耗材有效可用。

Ensures the availability of any stationery or consumables required by any I.S. systems.

 为需要文件维护和系统管理的人员建立清单并定期审查。

To establish and regularly review checklists for operational staff involved in file maintenance and system housekeeping.

 确保按照合肥君悦酒店酒店政策,定期更改密码并且及时将离职人员电子用户移除酒店网络。

To ensure that passwords are changed regularly in accordance with Grand Hyatt Hefei policy and to ensure that user profiles for staff leaving the employ of the Grand Hyatt Changsha Centre are removed promptly.

 确保酒店所有技术手册随时可用并妥善保管。

To ensure that all technical manuals are readily available and secured when not in use.

 为酒店所有计算机及相关设备建立并维护清单。

To establish and maintain an accurate listing of all computer and related equipment.

 归档保存并整理职位相关文件。

To ensure that all filing and archiving is maintained according to the filing chart relevant to the position.

 确保每月审阅操作手册,并在财务部总监批准后,对操作手册及时修正。

To ensure that the operational manual for the position is reviewed on a monthly basis and corrections / adjustments are made after approval by the Director of Finance.

 检查每日系统运作工作,并报告异常发生的事情给信息系统经理。

To be involved in daily audit work on operation and to advice the Information Systems Manager for any abnormal happenings.

 协助授权使用者操作酒店的信息系统硬件,各种各样的电子元件,和帮助他们使用个人电脑。

To assist authorized users in relation to operation of the hotel’s I.S. system hardware, various modules and supporting personal computers.

 确保所有信息系统设备的预防维护得以合适的执行。

To ensure that preventive maintenance required by any I.S. equipment in the hotel is carried out appropriately.

 对工作系统提供及时的帮助,并对工作设备进行及时的维修。

To coordinate the timely repair and return to service of any faulty systems or items of equipment.

 检查建立和补充信息管理手册以保证对任一信息系统的数据进行备份。

To check on the established procedures to ensure the backup of data in any IS system.

Primary Location: CN-34-Hefei

Organization: Grand Hyatt Hefei

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Technology

Req ID: HEF000299

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