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Hyatt Team Leader - Guest Room in SHANGHAI, China



§ 与客房部副理一起准备每周工作安排表,确保其反映行业需求和主要的绩效指示。

Work with the Assistant Manager – Housekeeping to prepare weekly work schedules, making sure that they reflect business needs and other key performance indicators.

§ 记录万能钥匙的使用和发放情况。

Issues and keeps record of master keys.

§ 准备并分发房态记录表。

Prepares and issues Room Status Report.

§ 分配开床服务的任务。

Distribute “Turndown” amenities.

§ 负责客房服务员的工作分配和具体职责。

Assign duties and responsibilities to Housekeeping Attendants – Rooms Cleaning.

§ 为公共区域服务员分配任务和职责。

Assign duties and responsibilities to Housekeeping Attendants – Public Areas.

§ 根据上一个班次的报告收集必要的信息。

Collect report from previous shift Floor valets.

§ 交接工作后,跟进未尽事宜。

Obtain and follow-up handover work from previous shift Floor valets.

§ 客房检查。

Inspect guest rooms.

§ 检查服务员的开床服务的水平。

Check the standard of “Turndown” services by Attendants.

§ 根据房态状况与前厅部保持联系 。

Liaise closely with the Front Office regarding guestroom status.

§ 上报并跟进维修和保养工作。

Report and follow up on repairing and maintenance.

§ 通过电话及时更新房态。

Update room status via telephone interface system.

§ 上报客人的投诉。

Report guest complains.

§ 上报遗失和损坏的物品。

Report lost and damaged items.


Operational (continued)

§ 确保准备好每日预抵贵宾房间、特殊要求房间、长住客的房间,并确保房间内放置适当的欢迎赠品。

Prepare appropriate welcome and other amenities for V.I.P. rooms, special request rooms, and long stay guest rooms.

§ 确保服务符合品牌标准的基本要求,适时提供更多可供选择的品牌服务。

§ Ensure all company minimum brand standards have been implemented, and that optional brand standards have been implemented where appropriate.

§ 发扬“群策群力”的精神,确保客房服务员与其他部门在工作中相互支持、灵活变通。

Ensure Housekeeping Attendants – Rooms cleaning work in a supportive and flexible manner with other departments, in a spirit of “We work through Teams”.

§ 对于客户满意度调查的结果作出反馈并确保落实相应的改善措施。

Provides feedback on the results of the Hysat and ensures that the relevant changes are implemented.

§ 根据员工敬业度调查的结果,确保相关改进措施的执行

Respond to the results of the Associate Engagement Survey and ensures that the relevant changes are implemented.

§ 监控每天迷你吧的酒水消耗量。

Monitor the daily mini bar usage.

§ 确保根据需要每周对布草、毛巾、客用消耗品等进行预订,及时补充库存。

Ensure that the par order for linen, towelling, guest loan items and guest amenities are daily replenished.

§ 检查公共区域,餐饮部门外围区域,办公室,洗手间和停车场的卫生情况。

Conduct checks on Public Areas, F&B outlets, offices, toilets and car park.

§ 检查外包工作的进行情况。

Conduct checks on works carried out by Contractors.

§ 与承包商负责人协调并检查其工作。

Coordinate and inspects with Contractor’s Supervisor on work carried out by Contractors.

§ 确保多功能厅及洗手间在会议前的干净及整洁。

Ensure function rooms and toilets are clean before commencement of function.

§ 计划并排定周期性的工作,例如,洗地毯,和彻底清洁工作。

Plan and schedule cyclical work works such as, carpet shampooing, and high dusting.

§ 确保周期性清洁工作如期进行。

Ensure scheduled periodic works are carried out.

Primary Location: CN-31-Shanghai

Organization: Hyatt Regency Shanghai Jiading

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Guest Services

Req ID: SHA002241

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.