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Hyatt Associate Director of Sales in ZHUHAI, China


  • Systematically andefficiently calls on Key Accounts within location and reports findings andopportunities to the Director of Sales.系统有效的对关键客户进行电话联系,并向销售部总监汇报新的市场发现和生意机会。

  • Pre-qualifies andtargets Key Accounts, utilising the Fidelio Sales & Catering databaseand develops appropriate and effective sales solicitation strategies toincrease hotel’s market share.预先确认和锁定关键客户,利用Fidelio销售和宴会资料展开适当有效的销售策略去增加市场份额。

  • Ensures a high levelof exposure for hotel through direct sales solicitation of telephone contactand written communications.通过销售人员的电话或书面沟通,确保酒店充分的向公众展示。

  • Professionallyconducts routine telemarketing activities to identify new accounts.专业地进行日常电话销售,从而辨别我们的客人。

  • Conducts regularMarket Surveys and Competitor Researches.进行正常的市场调查和竞争对手的调查。

  • Consults newspapers,trade journals, and other publications to learn about conventions and socialfunctions.参考报纸,商业杂志和其他的出版物,从而获取会议和活动的相关信息。

  • Organises prospectfiles by listing information, such as names of officials and plans forconventions, to be used for promotional purposes.通过罗列信息,比如组织者的姓名和会议计划等来编辑具有商务生意前途的资料,用于我们的推广和奖励计划。

  • Directs Salesemployees engaged in preparing promotional correspondence with travel bureaus,business and social groups.指导销售人员从事与旅行社和商业社会团体间的商务信函和联系。

  • Confers withDepartment Heads to discuss and formulate plans for soliciting business.同部门主管协商讨论,并明确阐述获取生意的计划。

  • Contacts executivesof organisations to explain services and facilities offered by hotel and tosolicit their business.联系并向组织者的行政人员解释酒店提供的服务和设施,从而获取生意。

  • Ensures servicesprovided by the department are always available and are always carried out todefined Standard with the utmost efficiency, consistency and courtesy asdetailed in the Department Operations Manual.确保酒店提供的服务总是按照部门运营指南所定义的标准执行的,高效,持续和礼貌,而且总是现实可行的。


Primary Location: CN-44-Zhuhai

Organization: Hyatt Regency Hengqin

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Sales

Req ID: ZHU000115

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.