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Hyatt Cost Controller in ZHUHAI, China


  • Performs all dutiesas designated by Director of Finance and carries out the functions of thedepartment during the Director of Finance’s absence.完成财务总监指定的所有职位和负责在财务总监缺席期间的部门管理

  • Ensures thatrelevant support to a day’s transactions is complete and has been verified forthe Director of Finance’s and General Manager’s review and signature.确定相关的支持对每天的交易是完成的,而且已经为财务和总经理的查证和签字。

  • Assists Director ofFinance in all monthly financial reporting and analysis.协助财务总监分析每月所有的财务报告。

  • Assists the Directorof Finance in compiling budgets and forecasts and assists Department Heads byproviding historical data or support details.协助财务部总监编译编入预算和帮助部门经理提供历史的数据和支持细节的预测。

  • Assists with thepreparation of special statistical reports which local management or the AreaOffice may require.协助准备用当地的管理或区域办公室可能需要的特别统计的报告。

  • Deputizes for Directorof Finance during his/ her absence and, therefore, fully acquainted withDirector of Finance’s Job Description in order to carry out thoseresponsibilities.完全熟悉财务总监的的岗位职责,在他/她缺席期间代理财务总监,实行那些职责。

  • Sets guidelines anddeadline dates for each employee’s monthly work in order to ensure timelyfinancial reporting.为了要确定及时的财务报告,对每位职员的每月工作设定指导方针和完成日期。

  • Conducts surprisecounts (at least once per month) ofHouse Banks andreports differences to Director of Finance.对财务部总监和银行和报告不同计算(每月至少一次)。

  • Handles all problemsofAccountingoffice with the exception of those that have been referred to the Director of Finance.除了已经被送到财务部总监的那些问题,处理会计办公室的所有问题。

Primary Location: CN-44-Zhuhai

Organization: Hyatt Regency Hengqin

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Accounting/Finance/Tax

Req ID: ZHU000112

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