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Hyatt Regency Club Host in ZHUZHOU, China




§ 对不能立即解决客人的投诉或问题,则向领班/嘉宾轩副理汇报。

Reports complaints or problems to Team Leader / Regency ClubAssistant Manager if no immediate solution can be found.

§ 确保客人得到快速、高效、准确的入住登记和结帐离店服务。

Ensures that guests receive a speedy and efficient check in/ out.

§ 确保严格遵守酒店的收银程序;所有备用金都要根据财务部设立的政策和程序合理使用。

Ensures that the cashiering procedures are strictly adhered to and that all floats are used appropriately in accordance to Policies & Procedures set by Finance.

§ 确保正确提供给客人帐单以及收款的正确。

Ensures that the guests’ bills are presented and collected accordingly.

§ 确保具有营销员的态度,并抓住酒店内的一切销售机会。

Ensures a sales attitude is adopted at all times and maintains an awareness of all sales opportunities within the Hotel.

§ 根据部门运营手册标准处理所有抵、离店记录。

Handles all arrival and departure records according to the Standards set in the Departmental Operations Manual.

§ 遵守预先定立的可用房安排及房价控制。

Adheres to pre-set availability and rate controls.

§ 确保对酒店产品和当地情况的高度了解。

Ensures a high level of product knowledge of hotel and local area.

§ 按照前台程序保持和更新的客史及市场数据库。

Maintains and updates guest history and marketing database as laid down in Front office procedures.

§ 确保持续高水平的对客服务。

Ensures a high level of customer service is consistently maintained.

§ 确保嘉宾轩与其它部门的高度配合。

Ensures a high level of liaison is maintained between Regency Club and all other departments within the Hotel.

§ 确保将任何来自客人或其它部门的反馈及时并准确地汇报给领班/嘉宾轩副理。

Ensures the RegencyClubAssistantManager or Team Leader is kept fully aware of any relevant feedback from either customers or other departments.

§ 确保具有高水平的酒店产品知识,以便在机会出现时,宣传/销售客房、餐厅及其它设施/活动。

To be knowledgeable and promote/ upsells Rooms, Outlets and other facilities / programmes whenever opportunities arises.

§ 主动向潜在客人推荐凯悦天地计划。

Promotes World of Hyattprogramme to potential guests whenever possible.

§ 熟知各种航空公司奖励计划。

To be knowledgeable with the various airline frequent flyer programmes.

§ 遵守酒店关于前厅部的所有制度。

Complies with all hotel policies relating to Front Office.

§ 遵守嘉宾轩副理制定的所有系统和程序。

Complies with all systems and procedures as laid down by theRegency ClubAssistant Manager.

§ 必要时协助预定部的工作。

Assists reservations as necessary.

§ 及时处理所有收到及发出的邮件、传真、快递及留言。

Handles incoming and outgoing mail, faxes, courier mail, and messages in a timely manner.

§ 需要时提供基本的商务中心服务。

Handles basic Business Centre services when required.

§ 管理嘉宾轩的客房钥匙并确保安全。

Handles keys and ensures Security policies are adhered to.

§ 按制度为住店客人兑换外币。

Handles foreign exchange according to policies.

§ 履行收银员的职责,下班时按照定立的标准点齐款项。

Performs cashier functions; balances at the end of the shift according to established standards.

§ 与礼宾部配合顺畅处理行李及运输服务。

Liaises with Concierge for smooth handling of luggage and transport services.

§ 负责将所收款额分至不同的收入帐项,如洗衣及传真费用。

Is responsible for the posting of all charges brought to the cashiers by different revenue centres, such as laundry, in-house movies and facsimile charges.

§ 获得FIT客人的信用卡授权密码。

Produces authorisation codes from FIT guests’ credit cards.

§ 每天通过将登记卡及餐厅帐单存档保持并检查所有架格。

Maintains and checks all racks by filing registration cards and Outlet checks on a daily basis.

§ 确保检查所有离店客人的帐单并附上相关的帐目单据。

Ensures all master folios due to depart have been checked out and have their respective backups attached.

§ 根据副理的批准发出小额现金及零用现金。

Responsible for issuing paid-outs and petty cash once Assistant Manager’s approval has been received.

§ 全面了解酒店提供的所有服务。

Has a thorough understanding of all the services offered by the Hotel.

§ 阅读与嘉宾轩有关的所有通知。

Reads all memos concerning Regency Club.

§ 当班时确保备用金中有足够的基金和零钞。

Ensures the general float contains sufficient change and funds while on duty.

§ 确保在下班时准确及整洁的执行正确的关闭程序,并点清所有帐目。

Ensures the correct closing procedures are carried out in an accurate and tidy manner and that all accounts balance before closing.

§ 确保下班时备用金无差错。

Ensures that the float is balanced before finishing the shift.

§ 当班时确保酒店所有基金及财产的安全。

Ensures security of all hotel funds and properties at times whilst on duty.

§ 完全了解酒店电脑系统的收银功能。

Has a thorough understanding of all cashiering functions in the Hotel’s computer system.



§ 按要求出席所有会议并作出贡献。

Attends and contributes to all Meetings as required.

§ 始终提供礼貌和专业的服务。

Provides courteous and professional service at all times.

§ 根据安排参加酒店培训课程,以提高工作技能及知识。

Attends hotel training sessions as scheduled to improve skills and knowledge.

§ 了解关于员工及行业关系的法律、法规,理解并严格遵守员工手册中的规章制度,及酒店关于防火、卫生、健康和安全的制度。

Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in associate and industrial relations, understanding and strictly adhering to Rules & Regulations established in the Associate Handbook and the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health & safety.

§ 确保高标准的个人形象和仪容仪表。

Ensures high standards of personal presentation and grooming.

§ 与客人和同事保持基于良好工作关系的接触。

Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.

§ 根据酒店、行业和公司的指引,回应需求、改变,执行任何合理的任务及额外职责。

Responds to requests to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties and to changes as dictated by the Hotel, industry and company

Primary Location: CN-43-Zhuzhou

Organization: Hyatt Regency Zhuzhou

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Guest Service Operations

Req ID: ZHU000254

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.