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Hyatt Host - Gallery in CHANGSHA, China

* 热诚欢迎所有到达凯悦嘉轩酒店的宾客。 Warm welcome all guests to HyattPlace. * 办理入住和退房程序,包括核对宾客付款细节、上传客户资料至公安系统及分配房间。 Performs check in and check out procedures by verifying guest payment details, registering the guest with the Public Security Bureau policy. * 帮助每一宾客了解熟悉酒店服务和设施。 Assists each guest to become familiar with the hotel services and facilities. * 根据所定的程序引领客人入座、接受点菜及为客人服务食品及饮料。 Takes order and serves food and beverage to guest according to the established sequence and procedures. * 确保酒店前场区域时刻保持干净和整洁。 Ensures the Front of House areas are well maintained and clean at all times * 在每次用餐结束后清理台面或餐桌并重新摆台。 Clears and resets counters or tables at the end of each course. * 完全了解房间和餐饮计算机系统。 Fully conversant with all aspects of the Rooms and Food and Beverage Computer Systems. * 计算账单并收款。 Computes bill and accepts payment * 根据需要履行收银员的职责。 Performs the function of cashier as required. * 核对收取现金,确保所收现金是真钞。 Verifies cash received ensuring only genuine money is collected. * 核对宾客出示的信用卡,确保所有信用卡都在有效期内。 Verifies all credit cards presented by guest to ensure validity of the card. * 严格遵守财务部要求的关于收银与现金处理的政策和程序。 Strictly adheres to all policies and procedures issued by the Finance with regard to cashiering and cash handling. * 完全了解菜单中的所有菜品和饮料,并能推荐适当的食品和饮料搭配,进行增值销售。 Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all food and beverage items on themenuand have theability to recommend Food and Beverage combinations and up sell alternatives. * 必要时可帮助销售部门安排新雇员和客户进行参观。 Conductsproperty tours for new hires and clients as necessary. * 负责对E-Room进行检查,确保所有设备都能可靠运行。 Responsible for overseeingE-Room and make sure all equipment are working properly. * 严格按照烹饪配方准备菜单上的菜肴。 Prepares menu items in strict accordance with set recipes. * 准备早餐自助台的摆设。 Sets up morning buffet presentations. * 上菜和点餐。 Serves tables and takes orders * 熟悉所有咖啡、茶、啤酒、葡萄酒和白酒的相关知识,能为客人提供优质的饮料服务。 Be familiar with all coffee, tea, beer, wine and distilled spirits knowledge and be capable to provide excellent beverage service to guests. * 符合餐饮先进先出的程序。 Always comply withFIFO (first in/first out) processofFood & Beverage. *

岗位要求: 1. 中专及以上学历,有一定的英语口语基础。 2. 具备前台和餐饮的相关经验。 3. 相貌端正,身体健康,可接受夜班。 4. 性格开朗、头脑灵活、工作踏实,具有较强的服务意识、推销意识和责任感。

Primary Location: CN-43-Changsha
Organization: Hyatt Place Changsha Meixihu
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Food and Beverage
Req ID: CHA002606

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.