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Hyatt Techincian工程技工 - Hyatt Place Changsha Airport长沙机场凯悦嘉轩酒店 in CHANGSHA, China

* 以支持和灵活的态度与其他凯悦员工紧密合作,着眼于整个酒店的成功和酒店客人的满意度。

Works closely with other colleagues in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests.

  • 以支持和灵活的态度及“团队协作”的精神与其它部门紧密合作。

    Works in a supportive and flexible manner with other departments, in a spirit of “We work through Teams”.

  • 按照制定计划实施并完成所有维修工作/需要,并保证高质量完成,特别要注意那些与客人有关的工作。

    Carries out and completes all maintenance works/requests according to the established schedule and ensures high quality of finishing work. Pays particular attention to guest related jobs.

  • 对酒店前场、后场和设备间巡逻,保证所有客人和同事的安全、平安和舒适。

    Patrols front of house, back of house and plant rooms to ensure the safety, security and comfort of all guests and colleagues.

  • 在公共区域巡逻,检查是否存在火灾危险、不安全情况、或发生设备丢失或不能运行的情况。

    Patrols public areas to detect fires, unsafe conditions, and missing or inoperative safety equipment.

  • 询问和检查所有与安全和火灾有关的事故,并提交初始报告。

    Conducts enquiries and checks on all security and fire related incidents and submit initial reports.

  • 积极解决客人和员工的维修问题,以及那些能立即解决的问题。对于那些需要专业技能的问题,要及时予以汇报。

    Takes an active role in resolving maintenance issuesfor both guest and associate areas, resolving those issues which can be dealt with immediately and reporting those which require specialist skill.

  • 操作指定的机器/设备或“主要设备”,以便能持续一致地提供运营所需的能源供给。

    Operates assigned machines/ equipment or “Primary Plant” as to provide continuous and consistent utilities required for operations.

  • 按照制订政策和程序核查、存储和使用送至酒店的所有能源材料。

    Handles the verification, storage and utilisation of all fuel deliveries to the premises as per the established policy and procedures.

  • 避免潜在危险的发生,遵守当地的法律和法规。

    Avoids unsightly hazards and complies with all local regulations and codes.

  • 正确操作和维护所有电动工具。

    Properly handles and maintains all power tools.

  • 就需要购买的零件和易耗件,向宾客服务主管-保安/工程部提出申请。

    Submits request to the Lead Host – Security/ Maintenance for the purchases of parts and consumables.

  • 确保所有工作区域干净整洁,在进行维护、维修的时候做好周边保护工作。

    Ensures cleanliness of all work areas and protects the surroundings when executing duties.

  • 确保操作区域内的节能措施的实施。

    Ensures effective energy conservation measures in areas of operations .

  • 确保消防、安全系统运行正常。

    Ensures fire, life and safety systems are operational.

  • 遇到火灾等紧急逃生的情况,要执行紧急疏散流程,比如参加火警报警及救援工作。

    Performs emergency procedures relating to fire, life and safety; e.g., such as attending to fire alarms, liftrescue.

  • 确保及时完成工程单和预防性维护任务。

    Ensures timely completion of work orders and preventive maintenance tasks.

  • 将任何时候发现的安全设备或装置的异常情况汇报给安全/维修领导和/或值班经理。

    Reports any abnormal conditions noticed at any time in line with safety related equipment or installation to Team Leader – Security and Maintenance and/or the Manager on Duty.

  • 如果主管有要求,协助酒店其他宾客服务员履行职责。

    Assists other Hosts with duties throughout the hotel when requested by Supervisors.

* 熟悉电气设备安装、维修和排除故障的技术知识,懂得安全用电、节约用电的政策运行记录。Familiar with the technical knowledge of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipment, and understand the policy operation records of safe use of electricity and electricity conservation. * 有当地特殊工种证书和电工上岗资格证书。 There are local special trade certificates and electrician qualification certificates. * 能按工作规范和有关制度独立进行工作。 Techincian can work independently according to work practices and related systems.

Primary Location: CN-43-Changsha
Organization: Hyatt Place Changsha Airport
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Engineering/Facility Maintenance
Req ID: CHA002843

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.