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Hyatt Executive Assistant(Local) - Park Hyatt Hangzhou in HANGZHOU, China


  • 按照要求代表总经理与政府机构/特殊贵宾/业主公司建立牢固的关系,就酒店相关事宜与其保持紧密联系。 Establishes and maintains strong relationships with Government /Special VIPs/Owning Company and liaises with them with regard to hotel related issues and matters on behalf of the General Manager as requested.
  • 查看会议计划安排、团体活动和到店的VIP客人,和相关部门商讨相关细节安排。 Reviews scheduled functions, group or VIP arrival events and discusses special instructions with all relevant departments.
  • 在酒店的日常营运中,确保相关部门遵守并贯彻落实当局制定的所有规定和程序。 Ensures departments concerned adhere to all rules and procedure set by the authority while carry out the day-to-day operations.
  • 招待来访酒店或参加酒店活动的当地政府高级官员/代表/特殊贵宾/业主公司的领导。 Greets important local government official/ delegation /Special VIPs/Owning company officials that visit the hotel or attending any function in the hotel.
  • 为总经理提供行政方面的协助,并确保行政职能相关的酒店政策方针、标准和程序的执行。 Provides administrative support to General Manager and ensures the implementation of hotel policies, standards, and procedures as they apply to the administrative functions.
  • 阅读和传送邮件。 Reads and routes incoming mails.
  • 为总经理需要答复的文件信函查找并添加正确的文件。 Locates and attaches appropriate file correspondence to be answered by General Manager.
  • 打印、归档并维护所有有关行政办公室的私人和机密事件。 Types, file, and upkeep of all private and confidential matters related to the Executive Office.
  • 建立和维护有效的文件系统,能够快捷的查找文件和电子档案。 Sets up and maintains systematic and efficient filing system, both for hard files as well as all electronic data, that enables quick retrieval.
  • 确保所有文件的及时更新。 Ensures all files are kept up to date at all times.
  • 为总经理准备会议所需的相关材料,包括:每日营运会议、行政委员会会议、部门会议和其他会议。 Prepares the relevant materials for all meetings attended by the General Manager: Daily Operations Meeting, Executive Committee Meetings, Departmental Meetings and ad hoc meetings.
  • 维护和更新总经理每天的正式活动及会议安排,并对会议和活动持续追踪。 Maintains and updates the activities diary to keep track all official activities and event that involve the General Manager.
  • 提醒总经理所要参加的所有重要约会/会议或活动。 Reminds the General Manager on all important appointments/ events or activities that to be attended by the General Manager.
  • 协助部门建立完善并且维护部门营运手册,部门营运手册应当反映出酒店政策和程序以及工作过程和标准。确保每年进行回顾,反映出改变。 Assists with the development and maintenance of a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies & procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the Division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes.
  • 及时上交管理部门及当局政府要求的所有报告。 Submits all reports required by the Management and local authority on a timely basis.
  • 接听电话并给予来电者以正确的信息,或者为来电者转接正确的人员,并拨打电话。 Answers telephone and gives information to callers or routes call to appropriate official and places outgoing calls.
  • 根据要求维护和更新协议公司/政府的联系方式。 Maintains and updates the Corporate/ Government contact lists as required.
  • 接待来访者,了解拜访目的,并将来访者引荐给总监或相关的人员。 Greets visitors, ascertains nature of business, and conducts visitors to employer or appropriate person.
  • 编辑并打印各类报表。 Compiles and types statistical reports.
  • 复印来往信件或打印文件。 Makes copies of correspondence or other printed matter.
  • 准备对外信件。 Prepares outgoing mails.
  • 打印,做笔录及会议纪要,草拟、归档、跟进、书写信件。 Types, takes dictation and minutes, drafts letters, files and traces, and composes correspondence.
  • 维护部门时间记录和日程表。 Maintains timekeeping records and schedules for the department.
  • 监管并维护行政办公室工作区域的整洁有序。 Monitors and maintains the proper appearance of the Executive Office.

Primary Location: CN-33-Hangzhou
Organization: Park Hyatt Hangzhou
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Administrative
Req ID: HAN000620

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.