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Hyatt Associate Director of Events (Chinese) in HEFEI, China


§ 以业绩结果为导向。

Business result driven.

§ 协助会议宴会销售总监分析市场并制订宴会销售预算及行动计划。

Assists the Director of Events in the development of sales plan and in budget preparation focused on catering marketing.

§ 同营运总监、餐饮部总监和会议宴会销售部总监一起发展、监督并评估所有与宴会部相关的目标、策略,市场营销计划和行动,以能达到或超越收入预算。

Develops, monitors, and evaluates all Events related objectives, strategies, marketing plan and actions in the Events Department with Director of Operations, Director of F&B and Director of Events so as to achieve or surpass forecasted revenues.

§ 与行政总厨保持紧密的合作关系,并能提供有创造性的建议和想法。

Works closely with the Executive Chef with creative suggestions and ideas.

§ 为宴会和会议队伍制定一个年度营销计划,为餐饮部年度营销计划的制定打下基础。

Prepares a yearly marketing plan for Events and convention sales, which is the basis of the Food and Beverage Annual Marketing Plan.

§ 通过拓展销售和升级销售其它设施服务等途径不断地实现收入最大化。

Continuously seeks ways to maximise revenues and profits by cross selling and up-selling other facilities and service.

§ 监察和分析其他酒店会议宴会部门的活动及趋势,采取先发制人的方法去确保所有宴会活动具有良好的组织性、潮流引领性和效应性,使酒店卓而不群。

Monitors and analyses the activities and trends of other hotel’s banqueting departments and take proactive measures to ensure all events are well organised, original and exciting to set us apart from the competitors.

§ 积极地寻求发展与主要行业合作伙伴的销售营销活动,例如:旅行社和会议组织者。

Actively courts and develops sales and marketing activities with key industry partners such as travel agencies, convention organisers.

§ 确保所有的会议宴会部员工充分了解市场的需要和趋势,而他们这些产品能满足现有的需要和趋势。

Ensures that all Associates in the Events Department are fully aware of market needs and trends and that their products meet these requirements.

§ 会议宴会销售部总监不在时,作为会议宴会销售部代表,确保会议宴会销售部有效而顺利地运作,按照其它部门的要求提供服务与支持。

In the absence of the Director of Events, represents Events Deparment, ensures the efficient & smooth operation of Events providing services and support to other Divisions as required.

Primary Location: CN-34-Hefei

Organization: Grand Hyatt Hefei

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Catering/Event Planning

Req ID: HEF000294

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.