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Hyatt Chef de Patie - Bakery (Local) in HEFEI, China


§ 使用新鲜产品,以确保始终向客人提供花样繁多的菜肴。

Uses fresh products whenever possible to ensure guests are always offered a variety of food items.

§ 确保根据所设定的政策和方针,尽量利用剩余的食品原料。

Ensures food surpluses and leftovers are used according to the set guidelines and policies.

§ 烹制并确保根据菜单和配方准备食品,以确保食品质量达到凯悦酒店集团标准。

Cooks and ensures foods are prepared according to the menus and a recipe, ensuring the quality of food meets the Hyatt Hotels Corporation standards.

§ 严格执行食品分摊政策以便能有效的控制成本。

Strictly adheres to food apportionment policy to effectively control costs.

§ 在厨师长的指导下,乐于学习及制作新的菜肴。

Takes interest in learning and preparing new products as directed by the Outlet Chef de Cuisine.

§ 为客人提供新鲜食物,即使是最后一分钟准备,也要坚持保证食物的高品质,充分体现餐厅风格及经营理念。

Serve fresh food to guests which is prepared a la minute, is consistent in quality, and reflects the style of the outlet concept.

§ 密切监督烹饪及员工工作,协调他们的工作任务,确保经济省时的出品。

Supervises cooking and other kitchen personnel and coordinates their assignments to ensure economical and timely food production.

§ 观察食物准备及烹饪的方法、食物的分量规格及食物的装饰,确保食物按照规定标准准备。

Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.

§ 在食物装盘及服务前,对食物进行检查。

Tests cooked food before plate-up and service.

§ 确保所有厨房设备的干净整洁。

Ensure the cleanliness of all kitchen equipment.

§ 确保所有厨师在操作中使用正确的工具。

Ensure all Commis Chefs and Kitchen Apprentices use the right tool for the right job.

§ 确保所有厨师正确、安全地操作食品加工机器。

Ensure all Commis Chefs and Kitchen Apprentices handle the food-preparing machine in a proper and safe manner.

§ 确保工作场所始终干净整洁。

Ensures the cleanliness of the work areas at all time.

§ 通过面包产品,不断寻找与餐厅经理增加最大收入和利润的方法。

Continuously seeks ways to assist the Outlet management to maximise their revenues and profits through Bakery products.

· 确保所有员工保持最更新的酒店产品知识,最新促销,政策变化以及适当的内部沟通。

Ensures all employees maintain an up-to-date awareness of hotel product knowledge, current promotion, policy changes and appropriate internal communication.

· 发展及协助针对提高技能和知识的培训活动。

Develops and assists with training activities focused on improving skills and knowledge.

Primary Location: CN-34-Hefei

Organization: Grand Hyatt Hefei

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Culinary

Req ID: HEF000281

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