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Hyatt Materials Clerk - Storeroom - Grand Hyatt Hefei in HEFEI, China

完全了解SCALA系统(物料部管理系统)。 Thorough understanding of the SCALA system (Materials Management System). 及时准确的负责向各个部门发送货物。 Responsible for the accurate, timely issuing of items to respective departments. 确保所有发出的货物都有合适的记录。 Ensures proper documentation of all issued items. 确保所有给部门发出的货物都状况良好。 Ensures all items issued to departments are in good conditions. 当发货给使用部门时,使用先进先出的原则。 Ensures the ‘First In First Out” procedure is being observed when issuing out items to user departments. 确保收货区域的安全和整洁,包括物料部办公室,收货区域和存货仓。 Ensures the security and maintenance of a clean and organised receiving area, including the Materials Office, receiving dock, and store areas. 确保每月都根据酒店的规章制度对货物进行盘点。 Ensures monthly inventory counts are being carried out as per the Hotel’s Policies & Procedures. 确保所有的货物都在适宜的温度和合适的地方存储并且符合凯悦标准或凯悦的其他标准。 Ensures all items are stored in the right temperature and designated sections/ racks in accordance to Hyatt standard or otherwise specified by Hyatt. 确保所有提供给使用部门的产品都没有过期。 Ensures NO expired items are being issued to the user department.
及时向物料经理报告即将过期的流动性较弱的过度存储货物。 Reports to Materials Manager for necessary action on any slow moving items prior to the expiry date. 在发出货物时严格遵守酒店的规章制度。 Strictly adheres to all policies with regard to the issuing of items/ goods in the Hotel. 确保仓库的所有货物都在记表上有准确记载。 Ensures all items in the store are accurately recorded in the store inventory. 确保所有的物品发出都是在已经收到相应的已通过的文件之后。 Ensures all proper documents with approval are received prior to issuing out any items from the store. 同采购部文员紧密合作,以确保所有从供应商/合同方那里收到的货物都符合酒店要求和规格。 Works closely with the Purchasing Clerk to ensure all items received from the suppliers or contractors meet the Hotel’s requirements and specifications. 始终确保仓库的清洁。 Ensures the cleanliness of the stores at all times.

最好拥有酒店或旅游管理领域的本科或专科学历;至少两年酒店运营的工作经验;必须具有良好的解决问题、行政管理和人际交往能力。 Ideally with a relevant degree or diploma in Hospitality or Tourism management. Minimum 2 years work experience hotel operations. Good problem solving, administrative and interpersonal skills are a must.

Primary Location: CN-34-Hefei
Organization: Grand Hyatt Hefei
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Accounting/Finance/Tax
Req ID: HEF000207

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