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Hyatt Outdoor Adventure Guide in TUCSON, Arizona


The Outdoor Adventure Guide will be required to ensure safety, to elicit teachable moments, to encourage and inspire, and to be a leader who takes the learning process a step beyond to a place of discovery and growth. Assist in inspections of all high and low ropes course elements and equipment, and assist in maintaining all hiking, mountain biking, and climbing equipment. The Outdoor Adventure Guide (OAG) will be required to be a team leader, assist in training and team development, curriculum development, handle/report all guest services issues and decision making in the absence of the OAM/Supervisor.

Job Responsibilities

Approximately 40% Facilitating Programs/Maintain Equipment – Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing Wall, and Off-site Climbing Programs.

Provide leadership and assume lead on all hiking, mountain biking, and climbing programs.

Lead client/groups of 1-8 on daily instructional mountain biking activities.

Lead client/groups of 1-12 on daily hiking activities.

Facilitate programs for corporate and social groups in hiking, mountain biking, and climbing.

Oversee bike usage log.

Maintain all hiking, mountain biking, and climbing equipment.

Provide guests with 1:1 hiking, mountain biking, and climbing programs.

Approximately 40% Facilitating Programs/Maintain Equipment – Challenge Course High and Low Ropes Elements

Provide leadership and facilitation of all Challenge Course programs.

Facilitate client/groups of 1-8 on daily Challenge Course High Ropes programs.

Facilitate client/groups of 1-12 on Challenge Course Low Ropes programs.

Facilitate corporate/social groups in all Challenge Course programs.

Maintain all Challenge Course High and Low Ropes elements and equipment.

Provide guests with 1:1 Challenge Course programs.

Approximately 15% Training and Team Development/Curriculum Development

Conduct/participate in briefings and debriefings with outdoor adventure team on a daily basis.

Assist OAM/Lead Facilitator/Lead Guide in interviewing (on Trail and Challenge Course programs only) potential team members.

Assist team members with all aspects of training and development.

Assist team members with technical (hard) and facilitation (soft) skills and keep team informed of requirements and changes.

Assist OAM/Supervisor in the development of new outdoor adventure programs.

Assist OAM/Supervisor in curriculum changes and improvements to existing programs.

Assist OAM/Supervisor with Risk Management reporting to enhance safety operations and develop standards for the department.

Provide agenda items to OAM/Supervisor for safety committee meetings.

Attend safety committee meetings in the absence of OAM/Supervisor.

Approximately 5% Administrative

Track and maintain weekly and daily guide duty logs.

Report guest 1:1 requests and assist to set up appointments.

Assist OAM/Supervisor with monitoring and reporting departmental needs.

Assist OAM/Supervisor in reviewing and updating Standard Operating Procedures.

Assist OAM/Supervisor in monitoring first aid supplies and reporting needs.

Perform any duties as assigned by the OAM/Supervisor.



  • Facilitation and problemsolving skills vital.

  • Detail oriented, creative, andflexible.

  • Strong supervision abilities.

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Ability to communicateeffectively and work as a team player.

  • Excellent presentation andteaching skills.

  • Computer skills in Excel,Windows, Microsoft Word and V1.

  • Climbing ability andcomfortable working at heights of 35-50ft to include traversing cables.

  • Regional knowledge of outdoorvenues and resources.

  • Technical rock climbingexperience required, comfortable climbing up to 5.9 on top rope and familiarwith Mount Lemmon Climbing Sites (Windy Point, Ridge Line, and Prison Camp).

  • Hike 3-4 mile/hour pace, milesranging from 2-14 miles traveled.

  • Mountain biking, 10-15mile/hour pace, miles ranging from 5-20 miles traveled.


  • Bachelor degree encouraged.

  • 2 years’ experience infacilitation and/or guiding outdoor adventure programs.

  • 1 years guiding experiencehiking and mountain biking.

  • 2 years’ experience infacilitation of High and Low Ropes Elements preferred. REASONING ABILITY

  • Must be able to exercisemature control over group programs and influence groups and individuals toaccomplish particular objectives without interfering unnecessarily.

  • Must be sensitive to thepersonalities, moods, and abilities of individuals and groups and be able tofunction in a supportive role while guiding them to reach their fullpotentials.

  • Make decisions in the bestinterest of the guests, their safety (physically, emotionally, mentally, andspiritually) and must be made within the guidelines of department standardoperating procedures and Miraval policies and procedures. PHYSICAL DEMANDS

  • The OA Guide must be able tohike for extended periods, maintaining a 3 to 4 mile hour pace, and do so onaverage 6-12 miles/day, several days per week.Must be proficient mountain biker maintaining 10-15 mile per hour paceaveraging 5-15 miles/day, several days per week. Rock climbing experience required, able totope rope up to 5.9.

  • The OA Guide must be able tocarry and climb ladders of 10-12ft and transition to climb poles upwards of50ft and be comfortable traversing cables of 35-50ft in height and length. Must be able to walk, stand, and belay forextended periods and do so on average 4-6 hours/day several days per week. Must be technically proficient with ropes,helmets, harnesses, hardware, and several belay techniques. WORK ENVIRONMENT The OA Guide isexposed to seasonal temperatures, both hot and cold. Activities are operated from mornings toafternoons and sometimes evenings. Allactivities are facilitated in the outdoors.

Primary Location: US-AZ-Tucson

Organization: Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa

Pay Basis: Hourly

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Golf and Recreation

Req ID: TUC000702

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