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Hyatt Engineering&Security Manager 工程安保经理 in China




  • 通过亲力亲为的管理模式,密切监督礼宾主管-保安/工程部的职责履行情况,确保其符合酒店政策、制度和适用法律。Through hands-on management, supervises closely all Lead Hosts – Security/ Engineering in the performance of their duties in accordance with Hotel Policies & Procedures and applicable laws.

  • 以支持和灵活的态度及“团队协作”的精神与其他部门紧密合作。Works in a supportive and flexible manner with other departments, in a spirit of “We work through Teams”.

  • 按照制定计划实施并完成所有维修工作/需要,并保证高质量完成,特别要注意那些与客人有关的工作。Carries out and completes all maintenance works/requests according to the established schedule and ensures high quality of finishing work.Pays particular attention to guest related jobs.

  • 确保宾客服务员-保安/工程部始终处于其指定工作区域。Ensures the Hosts – Security/ Maintenance are at areas of their assignment at all times.

  • 确保对酒店前后和设备间巡逻,保证所有客人和同事的安全、平安和舒适。确保所有礼宾主管-保安/工程部能对嫌疑人员或物品进行盘查,并能解决维修问题。Ensures patrols are carried out throughout the hotel and plant rooms and all other areas of the hotel, ensuring safety, security and comfort of all guests and hotel personnel.Ensures that all Lead Hosts – Security/ Engineering look out for any suspicious loiterers or articles and maintenance issues.

  • 在公共区域巡逻,检查是否存在火灾危险、不安全情况、或发生设备丢失或不能运行的情况,并解决维修问题。Patrols public areas to detect fires, unsafe conditions, and missing or inoperative safety equipment and maintenance issues.

  • 与客房部协调,每季度为客房进行预防性维护。Coordinates with Housekeeping to conduct quarterly preventative maintenance work for all guest rooms.

  • 监测和控制酒店日常维护和能源费用,并与其他宾客服务主管或总经理跟进相关工作。Monitors and controls the maintenance and energy expenses in all hotel areas daily and follow up with relative Lead Hosts or General Managers.

  • 确保本部门内和相关部门间运营程序的顺利运行。Ensures the smooth running of all operational procedures within the department and in-relation to other departments.

  • 询问和检查所有与安全和火灾有关的事故,并提交初始报告。Conducts enquiries and checks on all security and fire related incidents and submit initial reports.

  • 在每班中向礼宾主管-保安/工程部和其他酒店人员简述酒店当天的活动/会议。Conducts daily briefing during each shift on the hotel’s activities/functions of the day to the Lead Hosts – Security/ Engineering Hosts and other hotel personnel.

  • 协助/组织紧急消防队伍,并在每季度进行一次消防演练。Assists/Organises the Security Fire Fighting Team in the event of an emergencyand conducts a fire drill every quarter.

  • 确保所有安全出口畅通,始终工作正常。Ensures all Fire Exits are clear from obstruction and in working order at all times.

  • 在发生紧急情况时协助管理和应急人员。Assists management and Official Emergency Personnel in emergency situations.

  • 协助调查与酒店宾客和员工有关的事故和安全事件。Assists in the investigation of any accidents and security incidents involving hotel guest and associates.

  • 有礼貌的询问所有嫌疑人员。如果对方不能给予合理回答,可拒绝对方进入酒店。在发生此类情况时,可迅速寻求帮助。Questions any suspicious character in a polite manner; Refuses entry if the subject is not able to provide reasonable reply;Requests for assistance immediately if the situation arises.

  • 协调和检查承包商现场实施的工作及安全体系。Coordinates and inspects Contractor’s for work performed and safety and security systems in place.

  • 协助定期检查员工背包和储柜,确保符合酒店政策和制度。Assists in associate bag checks and periodic locker searches and ensures that they are carried out according to the hotel’s Policy and Procedure.

  • 监测和控制所有员工经员工入口进出酒店。Monitors and controls the movement of all associates leaving and entering the hotel through the associate entrance.

Primary Location: China

Organization: Hyatt Place Taiyuan South

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Human Resources

Req ID: CHI010498

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.