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Hyatt Marketing Communications Manager in ZHEJIANG, China


To prepare, implement and evaluate a Marketing Communications Plan, which gains maximum exposure to the target audience in accordance with the hotel’s positioning strategies.




1. Build teamwork and enhance the team’s commitment to their work and the hotel. 建立团队合作并且增强团队员工对酒店和工作的承诺 2. Delegate appropriate responsibility to others based on their ability whilst ensuring they have sufficient authority and resources. 根据团队的能力委派相应的责任以确保他们有足够的授权和资源。 3. Achieve a record of success in recruiting, interviewing and hiring people.(“Getting the right person in the right job”) 实现一个成功的招聘记录,面试和聘用员工(让适合的人在适合的岗位) 4. Communicate the vision and brand personality to the team and ensure it is integrated in the department’s business practices. 与团队沟通品牌的愿景和品牌个性,确保体现在部门的业务实践中。 5. Actively and successfully train people for current assignments and future growth. 积极地并且成功的培训员工用于完成当前任务和未来的成长。 6. Set and communicate high performance standards. 制定并且高表现标准的沟通 7. Recognize outstanding individual performance in the department and deal with substandard performance fairly, immediately and constructively. 认可在部门内表现杰出的员工,立即公平的,有建设性的处理个别未达标准的员 工。 8. Ensure all employees under your supervision are scheduled in accordance with business needs. 确保所有员工在监督下按计划完成业务要求

Budgeting and Finance


1. Assist prepare the annual business plan for the department. 协助编制部门年度经营计划。 2. Monitor the department’s budget and proactively implement corrective action where necessary. 监控部门的预算,在必要时积极采取纠正措施。 3. Control cost whilst ensuring guests get value for money. 控制成本的同时确保客人得到等值的服务。



1. Communicate effectively within the organization at all levels using the most appropriate communication method for the matter concerned. 在组织内各个级别用最有效的沟通方式应对相关事宜 2. Conduct daily briefings and ensure follow-up. 进行每日例会,确保后续跟进。



1. Adjust to changes in job requirements and the hotel’s operational strategies to meet business needs.


2. Maintain an efficient and effective administrative system 保持一个有效的行政系统 3. Continue professional development by self-directed learning and participation in company sponsored training programs. 通过自主学习和参加公司安排的培训项目持续专业发展。 4. Keep abreast of developments affecting your field of expertise. 保持并发展专业知识和技能
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Technical Expertise


  1. Develop and implement a marketing communications plan and budget. 发展和落实市场公关计划和预算
  2. Responsible for press relations and all materials pertinent to presentation in press kits. 负责媒体有关和所有新闻稿的准备
  3. Chart and maintain press-clipping results. 制作和记录新闻简报成果
  4. Develop in house employee promotions in conjunction with the training department and personnel. 与人事部一起发展酒店员工的升职
  5. Direct Public Relations events internally and externally with approval of Director of Sales 在销售总监允许后直接发布酒店对内和对外的公关活动
  6. Assist General Manager in community relations. 在公益社会关系方面协助总经理
  7. Direct PR Agency ( if required ) on project basis. 如有项目需指导公关公司
  8. Ensure the hotel’s collateral is in accordance with established standards. 确保酒店的所有宣传材料与设计相符 *

Primary Location: CN-Zhejiang
Organization: Alila Wuzhen
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Public Relations
Req ID: ZHE000126

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.