Hyatt Artist in ZHUHAI, China

* Studies and prepares layouts, sketches of proposed illustrations, and related materials to become familiar with assignment. 研究且准备规划,描绘粗略图和提供所需相关的材料。

  • Determines style, techniques, and medium best suited to produce desired effects and conform to reproduction requirements, or receives specific instructions regarding these variables 决定设计风格和技术,或根据特定要求选取制定最佳符合要求的方案。

  • Formulates concept and renders illustration and detail from models, sketches, memory, and imagination. 通过模型、素描、记忆和设想等规划概念。

  • Discusses illustration at various stages of completion and makes changes as necessary. 在各种不同阶段完成讨论和例证,而且能做出必要的变化。

  • Selects type, draws lettering, lays out material, or performs related duties. 选择类型,文书形式,设置材料,履行自己的责任。

  • Draws paints and creates graphic material and lettering to be used for title, background, screen advertising, commercial logo, and other visual layouts for motion picture production and television programming. 正确设计图标和文稿以应用于各类活动的名称、背景,投影,商业标识等,及其他可视图片和电视广播的广告、和其他的视觉广告。

  • Participates in contributing ideas and concepts where required. 对任何所需协助总能提供有贡献的主意和观念。

  • Works with suppliers and other departments to professionally and competently execute all projects. 与供应商和其他的部门合作,能更专业有效地运行到所有的计划中来。

  • Assists with internal photography of events or VIP arrivals where required. 协助拍摄贵宾接待与重要会议。

  • Produces within the specified guidelines all promotional collateral required for both Rooms and Food & Beverage. 对房务部和餐饮部的促销提供直接或间接的指导思路。

  • Produces and installs props and materials required for weddings, seminars, meetings and other events. 为婚礼、研讨会、会议和其他宴会提供所需的装饰材料和道具。

  • Ensures the utmost creativity is used when developing any props or items, to challenge the normal and traditional views and ways in support of the Hotel’s positioning statement. 确定当进行任何大的活动或者项目的时候,能深度发挥自身创造力,为支持酒店的定位进行正确陈述,并向一般而传统的视野和方法挑战。

Primary Location: CN-44-Zhuhai
Organization: Hyatt Regency Hengqin
Job Level: Full-time
Job: Public Relations
Req ID: ZHU000119

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.