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Hyatt Assistant Manager of Security in ZHUHAI, China


  • Continuouslymonitors installed safety devices for emergency readiness.持续监视安全装置中紧急的状况。

  • Patrols publicareas, restaurants, guest floors, offices, plant rooms and all other areas ofthe Hotel, ensuring safety, security and comfort of all guests, hotel personneland property in and around the Hotel.巡逻公共区域,餐厅,客用楼梯,办公室,植物室,以及酒店的其他地方,确保这些地方和酒店内、外财产的安全,并使客人和员工觉得舒适。

  • Conversant withevery detail of the Hotel layout and the location and function of sprinklersystem and smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment and emergency exits, firecontrol room and fire indicator panels, emergency evacuation and public addresssystems.熟悉酒店的布局、地址、消防喷洒系统、烟雾测杆器、防火的设备、紧急出口、消防监控室、消防指示器、紧急疏散和公共地址系统、酒店外的紧急集合地点、火/炸弹的威胁、安全程序,酒店的服务电梯以及紧急救护的设备。

  • Designates anemergency assembly area outside the Hotel and makes aware to all employees ofthe area.指定突发紧急事件时酒店外的集合地点,并确保每个员工都清楚该地点的位置。

  • Establishes fire/bomb threat and security procedures.指明火灾炸药威胁,并建立保安程序。

  • Ensures the safetyof all guest and service lifts.确保所有客人和客用电梯的安全。

  • Establishesoperational procedures for Fire Prevention and Safety.对火灾预防和安全建立系统程序。

  • Establishesefficient traffic control at the Hotel driveway.对酒店车位进行有效的管理控制。

  • Establishes smoothworking relationship with local authorities and liaises with them on allrequired regulations and activities.同当地管理局建立良好的合作关系,并根据当地的政策,遵守所有的规章制度。

  • Handlesinvestigation and reports finding on all incidents involves thefts, accidents,injuries, property damages, vandalism and trespassing from guests, visitors orhotel personnel with the assistance of local police if necessary.处理、调查并报告所有有关偷窃、事故、受伤、财产损坏、暴力行为和侵害的事,如有需要的话,协助当地警方对客人、来访者或员工进行询问。

  • Monitors andcontrols the movement of all employees leaving and entering the Hotel throughthe employee entrance.通过员工入口,掌握并控制所有员工的出入。

  • Implements with theDirector of Human Resources employee bag checks and periodic locker searches asrequired.同人事部总监合作检查员工随身携带的包,并定期对员工更衣柜进行抽查。

  • Establishes with theDirector of Engineering and Training Manager an effective in-house trainingcourse on Fire Prevention and Occupational Health and safety.同工程部总监和培训部经理合作对员工进行火灾预防以及职业健康和安全的室内培训。

  • Ensures that all newemployees are trained in Fire Prevention/ Fire Fighting procedures according tothe Hotel Fire Safety Procedure.确保所有新入职的员工接受过根据酒店用火安全所规定的火灾预防及灭火的培训。

  • Records and strictlycontrols the issuing of all master keys and other keys within the Hotelaccording to the established Key Policies & Procedures and to report anydiscrepancy immediately to theGeneralManager and Director of Finance.根据所建立的钥匙政策和程序,记录并严格遵守发放钥匙,要立即向总经理或财务总监汇报矛盾之处。

  • Plans andcoordinates ongoing “Non Patterned” patrols of guest floors, public areas, outlets,offices and all other areas within and around the Hotel as specified in theSecurity Operations Manual.根据保安部员工守则,计划并协调对客房地板,公共区域,外围,办公室及酒店内与酒店周围所有地方的非正式巡查。

  • Provides escorts tocashiers upon shift-ends from Outlet to hotel safe, and General Cashier fromhotel to bank when required.在结束营业时护送现金从餐厅到酒店的保险箱、总出纳到银行。

  • Reviews scheduledfunctions, group or VIP arrival events and discusses special instructions withall relevant departments.审视既定行程表,团队和重要人物的到达事件,并同相关部门商讨制定相关指示。

  • Conductsvulnerability assessments in conjunction with Department Heads to identifypotential risk issues and liability factors, proposing corrective measureswhere necessary.同部门领导检查相关易损物品并指出潜在的危险因素,当必要时制定相关策略。

  • Ensures departmentconcerned adhere to all rules and procedures set by the authority whilecarrying out the day-to-day operations.在每天的日常操作中,确保所有相关部门遵守当局规定的所有规章制度.

Primary Location: CN-44-Zhuhai

Organization: Hyatt Regency Hengqin

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Security

Req ID: ZHU000150

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