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Hyatt Health Club and Spa Manager in ZHUHAI, China



  • 确保水疗中心提供的各项服务及时准确,专业有礼并完全符合凯悦水疗中心体验计划Ensures througheffectivesupervision that all services offered in the Spa & Fitness Centreare always available and carried out with the utmost efficiency and courtesy asper the Spa Experience Programme

  • 在神秘客人调查中尽力确保达到90%以上Strive to achieveandmaintainover 90% in the IQAudits

  • 确保水疗中心所有的员工了解神秘客人访察标准Ensure all team membersareaware of the IQ Audit requirements

  • 确保水疗中心所有员工理解并身体力行水疗中心最重要的20项Ensure Team is aware and practising the Spa Top 20

  • 确保水疗中心和健身中心各个设施都合理运转,并与凯悦标准达成一致Ensure the Spa and fitness facility operates successfully and areindividually profitable in accordance with the standard of the hotel

  • 确保水疗中心达到并超过水疗中心体验计划标准Ensure the entire spa meets andexceedsthe Spa ExperienceProgramme standards

  • 确保告知客人正确的理疗师的排班,理疗套餐和理疗房关闭情况Ensure that all therapy, treatmentpackageand rooms are blockedaccording to the treatment time and preference of the guest

  • 确保所有理疗按照凯悦水疗中心标准执行,按时参加由部门培训师和集团培训师组织的培训Ensure Hyatt Pure standard oftreatmentare maintained, actively participate in spa training, with departmentaltrainer and international trainers

  • 与客房部和工程部通力协作,每周检查水疗中心的区域,设备设施都正常工作Conduct weekly walk through of thefacilitieswith housekeeping andengineering to ensure the area, equipment and facility is in 100% working order

  • 每周更新设备设施检查表Update the Facility Checklist weekly

  • 必要时需回顾和更新水疗中心和健身房的使用程序To review and improve as necessary the operational procedure for the spaand gym facilities

  • 确保人力和物力的最大化使用Ensure manning andfacilityutilization are maximised

  • 确保水疗中心所有员工都知道预算目标,自身零售和服务目标Ensure the spa team isawareof monthly budget and individual retail and service targets

  • 组织按时巡查仓库库存,确保管理整齐有序Conduct spot checks on stocklevelsto ensure stock is secure and tightly controlled

  • 在水疗,健身和救生方面以身作则,积极参与训练活动,成为健康美丽的典范Maintains a high profile within theSpa, Fitness Centre & Life Guard team by becominginvolved with the activities, becoming a model of fitness and health

  • 与水疗中心,健身中心,住店客人和访客维持好的关系Maintains a good relation with all Spa, FitnessCentre members, guests and visitors

  • 计划所有的健身和理疗活动Plans all recreation, fitness and spa activities

  • 持续地培育和更新水疗中心的所有组成部分,维护并创新,并向酒店管理层建议新的变革Continually educates and updates oneself on thevarious components of the Spa & Fitness Centre Operation, Maintenance andGrowth, and to recommend to Management any new innovations and/or changes

  • 持续积极的努力向公众提高水疗中心的知名度Takes active measures to assist in the promotionand public awareness of the Spa & Fitness Centre

  • 确保与各个部门流畅的沟通,并努力使其他部门员工了解水疗中心的设备和服务Ensures the smooth integration with all other hoteloperating departments, ensuring that all employees have a thorough knowledge ofthe Spa & Fitness Centre facilities and services

  • 确保水疗中心的设备和服务是当地市场的佼佼者Ensures that the Spa & Fitness Centre facilityand services are Market Leaders in all aspects of provision

Primary Location: CN-44-Zhuhai

Organization: Hyatt Regency Hengqin

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Spa Fitness and Wellness

Req ID: ZHU000151

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.